How to control the fight by letting go – Copenhagen – November 28Th

We will work with how to control the fight by having the right mind set. This mind set will be not focusing on winning or losing the fight (as soke often mentiones) but how to control by letting go. Support or give a little pressure and let go with right timing and feeling to creat at new situation to set in your waza from. This is much of what soke and shihan in Japan are so skilled at and when done properly it is an very easy way to control the fight.

Soke talked much about it as osaeru (support) and chikara o nuku (Preasure/let go). We will study these in the Bujinkan Basics.

Also the consept of isshi tobashi (skipping stones) will be implemented and studied.

We will work a deal with ganseki nage with some interesting points I got from Seno sensei, Nagato sensei and Soke who all worked with this kihon as a medium to transmit important teachings.

Also we will study the use of tosui no kamae with sword as this was one of the main kamae soke used during my trainings in Hombu.

Price will be held at 300 DKK as I would like you all to focus on being at the seminar with Sveneric 2 weeks later.

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See you soon.
Bufu Ikkan – Michael Schjerling