Michael Schjerling – Ten Ryaku no Maki and The way to be a good uke – 1 June 2014

Schjerling Hombu 150514

It is my believe that if you are a good uke you are OK. Think about it if you can recieve without getting injured or killed then all is OK and you will be very difficult to fight. Most of us including my self have a tendency to focus on the tecnique we are supposed to execute more than we focus on the recieving end. I got som quite interesting eye openers this time in Japan wich I look forward to share with you.

I will return back from training with soke and the japanese shihan just prior to the seminar. The seminar will focus on the way I believe we should practice the basics and Kihon Happo consciously in order to build it in to our nervoussystem to be there for uncounsciously response and from there after many years of practicing with Shin – Gi – Tai we may finally enter the kami waza or the theme of 2014 as put out by our soke (Shin Gin Budou).

Place is Bujinkan Kuki Taisho Dojo from 10-16. Price is 450 DKK to be paied directly when you turn up.

If you plan to participate please let us know at bujin@bujin.dk

– Michael

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