Michael Schjerling 12Th April – Ulstrup – Denmark

Ten Ryaku no Maki1238907_10151894395019516_2093613374_n

Theme: Basics of Bujinkan. We will work with Ten Ryaku no Maki and study:

  • Kamae (Body positioning)
  • Ukemi (training to fall, role and take impacts)
  • Taihenjutsu (Movement)
  • Mushin (How to empty the mind)
  • Reaction drills
  • Ho ken ju roppo and atemi practice (Use of and conditionning of the various body weapons)
  • Junan taiso (The ninja way of conditioning the body for survival)
  • Shin kokyo sanden (ninja breathing methodes)

This training is the most important and basic in the Bujinkan and a part many have neglected or have not been introduced to. Henrik has a lot for young people (children) in his dojo so the training will focus very much on agility. My experience is that most adult are lacking this as well so you will be challenged and get idears to further training and progression no matter your current level – adult or child.

Time: 12’Th of April 2014 from 10-17

Place: Ulstrup, Viborg, Denmark

Price: 400,-

Further info and sign up: Contact Henrik Christian Damborg at: https://www.facebook.com/henrik.damborg

FB-invitation here: https://www.facebook.com/events/499197773523521/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular


Lucas 12 år og Michael ved Buyukai 2013

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