Seminar: Junan Taiso and the Kihon of Natural Holistic Health 7th July 2013

A talk about Natural Holisitc Medicine and Health at Tartu University, Estonia.

“For a long time I have thought about doing such a seminar for my Bujinkan family. To share what I find most important concerning your health and physical body. Your body is the foundation from where you deliver your kicks, strikes and throws from and should also be suited to receive powerful impacts. In my opinion health comes before fitness and most important for health is the mind. One could argue that all or most diseases starts in the mind”.  (Michael Schjerling)


This years theme is incorporating Amatsu Tatara, as Soke has written in the scrool in Hombu. I have always been interested in what soke transmits when it comes to health since I started out as a really weak child. Over the years I have learned more about how to get healthy and strong. My professional job is to lead top- and world-class athletes to higher athletic performance through prescribing training programmes, diet programmes, mental training, sleep regime etc. Beside that I help chronic ill patients with holistic medicine. Over the years I have experienced that all of sokes methods have worked extremely well on all clients including my self.


The kihon of a strong and flexible body
This seminar is about how to create, maintain and protect your health and vitality and how to make your body flexible and super strong (The kihon of a strong and flexible body).
As a martial artist it is important that you learn and use the principles to protect not only your body, but also your mind and spirit. All are connected. This seminar takes the physical approach, but since your body are connected to your mind and spirit, aspects of those areas are being touched as well with references to what I have picked up from mainly soke and the japanese shihans.

Soke have often said that health is foundation for taijutsu. I have done my best over the years to find out what soke, and the japanese shihans says about how to take care of the body, make it flexible and strong and protect it from injury and disease. It is absolutely the same conclusions I have made my self working with natural holistic medicine full-time since 2000. This approach works not only in my own life and with my own body, but also with all the top and world-class athletes I have been so fortunate to work with over the last 13 years. I am happy to say that I believe that it is  sokes methods that enables me to out-perform many of the top athletes I work with at now 42 years of age. I am forever grateful for sokes teachings.

Why is this important?
Well it should be pretty obvious, but from looking around at people it is not. You simply can not do much of what soke does if you do not free your skeletal bones from all those tight muscles that ties it up. You simply can not kick well and generate good power from the legs and hips if you do not have the flexibility. Also your ukemi and overall taijutsu is affected if you walk around in a “tight suit”. This flexibility comes from knowledge and regular practice, wich I will transmit to you at the seminar.
Moreover you can not train hard year in and year out if you do not know the principles of nature (mind, food, deep breathing, sleep, age and purifying) wich this seminar will also cover.

In and Yo
Takamatsu sensei said that you can do what you want as long as you do something to counterbalance it. I find that extremely true and important. If you train hard you need to rest hard. From sokes books we know how much sleep Takamatsu sensei got and at what time also we know much about what kind of food he would suggest and what he found important concerning our mind and spirit. From my own professional work and studies I have experienced that all is totally aligned with what we know from modern science.

Place is Bujinkan Kuki Taisho Dojo from 9-17 both days. Saturday might be longer if needed.

Price is 450 DKK. (If you pay later than 1/6 the price is 550,-).

You will sign up to the seminar by paying to 0260 4545505975

(Write “”your name”+ MS”” on the transfer)

Questions to

Painting by Soke april 2011. "The Precepts of Perseverance in the Martial Ways"

Painting by Soke april 2011. “The Precepts of Perseverance in the Martial Ways”

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