Michael Schjerling – Kihon Happou 季翻初崩 12-13’Th of February 2011 – Copenhagen Denmark

– The foundation of protecting what is valuable

With Michael Schjerling 15’Th Dan

This is a special seminar. The inspiration to do it came pure and very strong to me today the 25’Th of December 2010. Reflecting on the theme our soke has put out for 2011 I got inspired to do a different seminar which takes off from my believes about “correct training”. Words I have often heard in Japan.

I believe
I believe that we should study and train correct and use the appropriate effort at each of the SHU-, HA- and RI-levels. We cannot jump to the Ri-level without the first 2 levels. Kihon Happou and Sanshin is key to protection and survival. It is key to winning not only on the battlefield but in life as well. It is the many hours of investment in these fundamentals that makes the difference between good and bad taijutsu and the results we can harvest during the process called life. Are you willing to let go of your own ego and believes and open yourself up to faster growth and transformation by going deep in our basics with an open mind for learning?

Is this seminar for YOU?
This seminar is for you who believe and have understood that without a solid foundation your techniques will lack power and bite and without a firm base you will not be able to implement techniques and your chances of survival in a true battle is poor. Your “house” will not last a real thunder storm”. The seminar is for all levels as it will be a in depth study of your own taijutsu. You will start from where you are now. So no matter if you have practiced for one month or for 20+ years you will study and perfect your current level of your basic skills. In fact I should say that the more advanced you are the more time you probably should use in building up your foundation stronger and more firm and secure.

What will you get out of the seminar
This seminar is an opportunity which is rare in Bujinkan. An opportunity to open your eyes and take total responsibility of your own training. And through correct practicing of Kihon Happo to bring you taijutsu to the next level of transformation. Your will in short words get a more stable and secure base to receive and deliver from and therefore get a step further in your ability to survive a true battle-situation.

You can expect this seminar to be tough and hard as you will spend many hours in perfecting the skills. That means working with the kamae, te sabaki, ashi sabaki etc for many quality repetitions. You can expect to be very fatigued and tired at the end of the day. At the same time you can be sure to learn at all three levels. The body, mind and spirit. At the body level it is my intention that your body naturally will understand how to kamae and move with more certainty, confidence, bone and freedom. On the mind level it is my intention that you will have a better whole understanding of correct training and what it gives you and that you have gone a step further to mushin (no-mind) by building up confidence in your taijutsu to let go. At the spirit level it is my intention that you will feel stronger and have moved some limits.

Last but not least you can expect to get some ideas on how to do self practice and find your inner motivation to go home and do a lot of self practice that will give you a huge improvement in your taijutsu.  

What will we study
We will work mainly on the SHU and the HA levels of the SHU-HA-RI . The seminar will cover pure basics as I understand it now after 22 years of consistent practice in the fundamentals of Bujinkan. It will be my tree in the forest. It will not be about how to make henka number 9999. It will not be about quantity but about quality and depth. We will study each of the eight basic waza in depth. That means that you can expect to study the following:

  • How to compose and structure your body, mind and spirit to be able to fight against your opponent in a protected, faithful and strong way. This is Kamae and To toku yoshi.
  • How to use your weapons without hurting them and with great power and bite to really have an impact on your attacker. This is ho-ken ju roppo and target practicing with the powerful pure kamae (body and intention). In other words we will study and practice how to punch, kick and grasp the opponent most effective.
  • How to block. We will study the 3 basic ways of blocking. When and how to apply them and what opportunities they gives us. These are: Jodan/gedan uke, Uke nagashi and uke daken.
  • What is correct distance and how to obtain it with correct timing though angling, moguri, sabki and juppo sessho.
  • Why the positioning is key to survival. This is kuden of kurai dori.
  • And how to use all above to control space (kukan) and the fight.

The seminar builds on all the themes we have had in Bujinkan since we started the area of themes for around 20 years ago.   

Who am I?
See this for full description

I consider myself a student of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, Soke of bujinkan and his transmissions and do my best to stay close to his teachings every day. My first teacher from 1989 who I consider as my sensei and mentor has been a great source (I believe) to the backbone of my taijutsu and spirit. The man is Sveneric Bogsäter who I have made sure to study from several times every year since I began to practice Bujinkan.  When studying in Japan almost every year. Often more times a year my teachers beside our Soke are the four japanese Shitenno. I do my best to study very close to each of them and grasp the keys I can.
I started martial arts training 1983 when I was 13 and did various styles until 1989 where I started Bujinkan training in Copenhagen.
I have studied thai boxing, kick boxing, tao te ching gung fu, jiu jitsu and aikido. I also did close quarter combat in the army. I have participated at 13 Taikai (worldwide seminars with the Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi).
In 1994 I passed the godan (5th Dan). My first Bujinkan Dojo was founded near Copenhagen in 1991. In 2003 I was awarded 10th Dan by the Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi.
Today I teach regular classes in my dojo in Copenhagen and have taught seminars in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Estonia. I was awarded 15th Dan by the Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi 25’Th of October 2009.
I have worked with security for a number of years in Denmark. My Bujinkan training has given me the opportunity to practice with and train professionals working with security and members of special military and police units from all over the world. This includes governmental bodyguards.   
Besides MA-training I work with Health and High Performance optimization and have great experience in creating high performing results. I coaches and trains top athletes from several teams and have coached and trained top and Olympic athletes in hand ball, power lifting, triathlon, Taekwon-do, badminton, cycling, gymnastics, sprint canoeing and Road Racing.


Why did I put together this seminar?
Simply because I think it is needed. I see people from all countries all over the world who do beautiful and fluent movements in the dojo with a very compliant Uke who do not seem to understand true fighting.  I often reflect on how some of these people would be able to manage and survive a real situation. I do not think you should be an un-compliant uke most of the time. What I say is that you should polish your eyes and get to know about fighting and battle. One way of doing this would be to find a good teacher and study this teacher in depth as a way to be a better uke so you can give yourself and your training partner the gift of a better opportunity to study and practice from.  A good uke is in my opinion a uke who understands true terror and battle. It is very visible to me that too many people lack this understanding and therefore lack good taijutsu. What I mean is actually that most people lack good foundation. In my opinion the foundation provides security, certainty and better opportunity of luck. I do not point fingers. I myself still find joy and new opportunities while practicing Kihon Happo.  It is just my which that we all should grow up (or should I say grow back down) to the point where we understand that it is a must to constantly return to the basics. As Soke often says:  “Taijutsu begins and ends with Kihon Happou”. For me this has more meanings. One of them is that it is a never ending process. You could never stop building your foundation.  The more hours you train the more important good foundation is at many levels. It rusts if you do not use time in them and the stronger you get and the more power you can deliver the more stable structure you need to deliver and receive from.

Practical information

  • Location is Frøbelseminaret, Grundtvigsvej 11, Frederiksberg, Denmark.
  • Time: Saturday 10-17, Sunday from 10-16
  • We will have a dinner at a restaurant in Copenhagen after the saturday training.
  • Price is DKK 600,- (One day is 400) to be payed in advance at account: 0260 4545505975 no later than January the 31Th. If you pay later the prise is DKK 650/450.

Look forward to see and study with you at the seminar.

Bufu ikkan,

Michael 🙂

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