Erland Kamstrup & Michael Schjerling 15Th of January 2011 – Copenhagen – Denmark

Long weapons – bo, yari and naginata

The seminar will cover long weapons. Bo, yari and naginata.

It is now many years since we had these themes in our Bujinkan training. However much of what we practice today builds on the basic training with the long weapons bo, yari and naginata. The kuden of how to control distance and use the 3 different long weapons gives better understnding of kihon happou as well and understanding of why kihon happou is so universal and fundamental in our tradition. Soke often says that the level of ones taijutsu becomes very visible when holding a weapon. I think this might be more true with long or flexible weapons. There is a kuden.

10.00-12.30: Bo
12.30-13.30: Lunch
13.30-17.00: Yari & naginata

We look forward to see many of you at this one-day-seminar.

Please bring: bo, yari and naginata for training use as well as dai-sho as many of the kata are against oponent with daito and/or shoto. If you do not have yari or naginata then you can use your rokushaku bo as a substitute. 

Time: 10-17

Place: Frøbelseminaret, Grundtvigsvej 11, Frederiksberg, Denmark

Prize: 350 danish kroner to be paid to account number: 1551 6160461509
before 30’Th of november. If you pay later the prize is 400 danish kroner.

Yari & kodachi in Tartu Estonia

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