Get uncomfortable

By Michael Schjerling – 6’Th of April 2010

This is an unusual heading. Some times it is important to put your self in an unusual situation like one which is uncomfortable for you, and get comfortable about it.

 “Get uncomfortable – and get used to it, so you get comfortable about it”

High performers do what low performers think about. It is often fear that hold you back from these uncomfortable situations but the nature works in a way that if you face your fear and act despite of the fact that you can feel the fear, then you will get used to it and it will naturally disappear like smoke. This goes for not eating things which are bad for you, getting to bed in time, take up exercising, stop smoking, talking to some one you need to talk to about a difficult subject or holding an important speech. Stop thinking about it and just do it.
Same goes for enduring the hardships of training or studying hard up to an exam etc. Set a standard, take a firm decision, have an action plan and walk the path. Yes it is uncomfortable, but big changes are not build on comfort-ability. And you need to change and grow in order to live. Think about a plant. If it is not growing and changing it is dying. Same goes for every thing else in life. It is a natural law that you can not maintain the level you are at now. You have to grow because everything else grows and changes. Think about your work qualifications for example. If you maintain your current level then in a few years time you are behind others because your job evolves and changes.

This is one of the secrets to fast transformation towards a happy life and high performance.

“If you are afraid when thinking about some thing you like or need to do – Do It”

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