Are you committed to be a student for the rest of your life?

Me at a lecture at Tartu University in Estonia 2010

Many people are concerned about telling others about the truth not being aware that it may not be true at all. This is stupid. Having been a student of a true extraordinary master of budo, natural holistic health and life (Hatsumi sensei) for 23 years I am constantly reminded about how difficult it is to learn anything intellectually in life. The more I study the more I understand I do not know. I…t makes me very humble, not to be mistaken with weak. It actually makes me burn with desire and happiness to know that there is such great masters on our planet and that I have been so fortunate to use so many hours with him. I have been fortunate enough to have some great masters both I budo and in natural holistic health. Always tried to remember that I have 2 ears and 1 mouth and tried to have the curiosity and openness as a 3 years old child.  Budo and natural holistic health are the same. Within both areas there are so many self claimed masters that tell others how to do just because they have studied for 10 years, and read a few books. Even if you study for 30 years it does not mean that you will master anything. Always remember that. Many even read a book or take a few courses and before experimenting with it and learn the secrets they start teaching. Know that even with the best intentions you may very well confuse and mislead a lot of people yourself included. Who are you to tell people what to eat, think and act. And who are you to tell people how to survive? God?
I think it is a good costume to guide people with a sincere and compassionate heart and with love for humanity and mother earth. If you do that I think it is OK. Don’t use scarcity to trap people but use love to give from a pure heart. Do not tell people that what you say is the truth. Show them by example that you too are a student and that you also changes as you get older. That is natural and a sign of wisdom – not weakness. By doing that you will teach your students (others call them customers, clients or patients) to think for them self, explore and experiment as you do yourself. If you do so you will create strong independent students that follow you not because you make them dependant on you but because they experience that their quality of life is improving and that they can think for themselves and are less likely to be brainwashed and seduced by the often ruling crazyness. You contribute with love and freedom.
To really transform and open up in this life I think most needs a true master. Not more blog’s, books, DVD’s or audios. But a true master of the field one likes to master. You can walk some way yourself but if you hold on to the tail of a master you can jump light years in comparison.
Let’s not burn witches to night but instead protect what is truly valuable. Often what many think is the witch or clown. Kyo jutsu tenkan ho (learn to see what is truth and falsehood).
23’Th of June 2012
Michael Schjerling

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